Android Applications

Canyonlands Android Application

Canyonlands Roadtrip Android App Version 1.0
Version 1.0 application details and screenshots

Canyonlands Roadtrip Android App Version 1.0 Download (APK)

Canyonlands Roadtrip Android App Version Version 2.0 Android Download (APK

Music Quiz
Music Quiz Application overview

Grateful Dead "Guess the Jam" - smaller version download (APK)

Grateful Dead "Guess the Jam" - larger version download (APK)

Grand Canyon Stratigraphy Android Application Download (APK)

Simple To-Do List Android Application Download (APK)

Airbrush Resources Application downloads

Earthquake Android Application Download (APK)
version 1.0

version 2.0

Art In Nature Observation Journal Download (APK)

Daniel's CS Android Project
Kill the Kraken (Wumpus Game)

Javascript Web Applications

Spelling Tutor Application
Javascript web application utilizes dictionary API

Go Fish-Style game with shapes and color use pass: letmein

Clickable maps with Google Maps links


3d Javascript Modeling

Hellraiser Cube

HTML/CSS/Javascript/Bootstrap Websites

Ampersand Communications
Ampersand Communications website

Walker West Demo Sites
Amazing Grace Chorus with Slider
Amazing Grace Chorus with video background

Earth Law Practice

Wordpress Websites

Walsh & Associates

Lifestyle Creations

Earth Law Practice

Revoco Fitness Southwest tourism informational website

Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth

Dr. Stephen Newby

Kollodge Woodwork site

Amber Octopus Entertainment Demo:
Music Industry Artist Respresentative

Joomla  Websites

Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists

Minnetonka Trap Team

Heirloom Cooks

Results Brochure Distributors

Ampersand Marketing Demo



HTML Email with animation
Circus Animation with steampunk graphics
Circus Animation with steampunk graphics and type

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